Posted by: Barbara Hunt | June 1, 2015

Caring for Your Mind, Body and Spirit

The mind, the body, and the spirit interact with each other, helping each other to stay healthy, helping us to heal from some type of disease or damage, or, if untended, contributing to illness in one of the other areas. What do you do for each? What would you like to do to nurture one or more of these parts of you that you may have been neglecting? Take baby steps in one area at a time. Is there something you can do a little less of so that you can add a baby step? Twenty minutes less of TV watching to do 20 minutes of meditating or relaxation and deep breathing or yoga? Twenty minutes less of internet time in the evening to set out healthy foods for you to take to work the next day, including healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks? Thirty minutes less of ? so that you can walk for 30 minutes every other day? Getting on the floor while you are watching TV to do a workout routine? Notice what your voice of resistance says. What do you want to say to your voice of resistance to gain his/her cooperation? What baby step do you want to take today to take care of your mind, body and/or spirit?

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